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Welcome to Aikido Academy Website 

Aikido Academy was established by Tommy Chia Sensei with the goal of studying in depth the Japanese martial way of Aikido. 


In Aikido Academy, we aim to train in the proper executions of kihon waza (fundamental techniques), through which understanding of the Aikido principles is strengthened. It is our belief that promotional achievement without a mature understanding is a step on shaky ground.

Aikido Academy welcomes all students who share the same values and vision. Our classes are open for free observation.

Aikido Academy is open to any person who wishes to safely participate in our programmes and activities, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or marital status. Aikido Academy does not discriminate on basis of any of the above areas in the administration of its educational policies and programmes. Only the right learning attitude and spirit matter.

Aikido Academy offers ongoing class enrolment for aikidokas of all levels, including students with no previous experience.  All are welcomed to start at any time in any class. Kindly contact the admin before coming for your first class. 

Our Mission

To build a harmonious and non-violent character through Aikido practice.

To cultivate responsibility, integrity, compassion and harmony through Aikido techniques.

To foster the martial discipline of Aikido for self-development, self-discipline and self-protection.

Our Vision

To promote better understanding of the Principle of Aikido through its kihon waza (the fundamental techniques).

Our Values

Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Honesty

Our Motto

No Effort No Gain

The Principle of Aikido

Aikido has but one principle: the universal reality of life. The purpose of Aikido is to better people's lives, to make their spirits blossom and become strong, and by making better people to make a better world. Aikido exists in this principle and this purpose, not in the style of movement or the technical details through which Aikido is taught. If the principle and the purpose are present, any technique can be Aikido. If they are absent, so is Aikido absent. {Abstract from Mitsugi Saotome Shihan's "The Principle of Aikido" book }

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