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Dojo Class

Aikido Academy teaches and trains in the Aikikai style. 

Our Aikido classes always start with warm-up including stretching, basic Tai Sabaki (body movement) and Ukemi practice (falling/ rolling) as a method to prepare oneself for the upcoming class, and to protect the body from injuries. 

Aikido Academy conducts classes in a standard format, starting with Foundation exercises, followed by Fundamental techniques. There will be Enrichment Courses conducted periodically to provide insight into specific aspects of Aikido.

At Aikido Academy, classes will be conducted in a controlled and safe environment, which is achievable with the cooperation of all students. It is our aim that from our classes, students will be able to ukemi safely and confidently, to take care of others, to improve body coordination, as well as to react correctly and quickly to attacks. 

It is our belief that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each Aikidoka has his own pace of progress. One should focus on his own improvement, and to maintain his discipline throughout the practice. 

During Class

The techniques will be demonstrated by the Instructor, and students will pair up, ideally one senior and one junior, with guidance and correction by the Instructor where necessary. It should be noted that the students must follow exactly what is demonstrated by the Instructor, and no deviation (which may confuse the junior students) is allowed. 

In the Foundation segment, Tai Sabaki, Ukemi, and connection exercises will be the focus, so that students of all levels can practise and strengthen the core elements, including posture, centre line, and projection.

The Fundamental segment will focus on kihon waza (basic techniques), where students will have a chance to apply what they have learned in the Foundational segment, with a partner to practise the other 2 elements: timing and distance. Nage waza (throw techniques) will be practised where appropriate.

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