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Student's Review 

"Tommy Sensei is very knowledgeable in the art of Aikido, and he holds no reservations in imparting his knowledge to the students. [...] Coupled with Tommy Sensei’s clear instructions and explanations, I always leave the class feeling very fulfilled."

"Tommy Sensei takes training safety very seriously, always anticipating possible unsafe situations during the class, and ensures that we only attempt moves that are suitable for our levels."

Yew Chor Wei

Started Aikido in June 2016

"With poor physical coordination, I find it hard to pick up any sport and many coaches asked me to go elsewhere for training but Tommy Sensei is extraordinarily patient and keeps correcting my mistakes without fuss. He is very encouraging and simply does not give up on any student."

'[...]He has a passion for Akido as he strives to impart his knowledge and the values of Akido to them. All the while, he is also teaching the values and the spirit of Akido - respect, cooperation and discipline." 

"He is an inspiring teacher, with an analytical mind and deep passion for the art of Akido."


Deanne Choo

Started Aikido in May 2017

"He is patient and encouraging, yet firm in his teaching and upholds the disciplinarity of the art when he is on the mat. As a coach, he treats his students fairly and gives attention to everyone without bias."

Florence Ng

Started Aikido in May 2016

"Tommy Sensei’s classes focus on building the fundamentals, which I personally trust that it is much needed for the better. In fact, it is from Tommy Sensei’s class that I manage to achieve steady progress instead of dashing through the movements."

"Tommy Sensei incorporates Aikido’s harmony and sincerity into simple etiquette on and off the training matOver time, his way of teaching has stretched out to benefit me beyond the dojo mat, as I found myself becoming calmer and more patient in any given difficult situations." 

"I believe that with proper training attitude, every student will find something to gain from his class, be it physical or spiritual, or sometimes, both."

Le Thuy Linh

Started Aikido in 2015

"He is a driven and passionate instructor who plans his lessons well, making every step of the process easy to follow as the structures flow so fluidly."

"He has the ability to connect with his students and has the talent of demonstrating both simple as well
as advanced techniques
for everyone to grasp easily. It is without reservation that I can say he has excellent experience and knowledge in Aikido, and the ability to convey that knowledge and experience to his students."


"Tommy Sensei has great initiative and brings a positive attitude to each class. He is very encouraging, and I leave every lesson with a sense of fulfillment." 

Noriko Masaki
Started Aikido in 2016

"I find him to be passionate about the art of aikido; and is committed & dedicated to sharing & teaching it to the students." 

"He places a lot of emphasis on the basics & fundamentals in his classes. He is meticulous in his teaching method providing sufficient explanations & demonstration to allow students to have better understanding of the art." 


"His classes are also fun & easy to follow as he is thorough in describing & showing the techniques."

Ong Wai Chung

Started Aikido in 2011

"Tommy Sensei has had solid researched and experiential knowledge on all aspects of the Art from the very internal elements which form the foundation, up to the very solid educational pedagogy to deliver it." 

Randall Lim

Started Aikido in 1998

"Tommy Chia Sensei has always come to his class to teach with dedication and passion. He has helped every student in the class to progress." 

"Tommy Chia sensei [...] has always brought fun to his class as a way to let his students disperse their stress.I have received not only fruitful knowledge, but also a relaxing environment to immerse myself in. " 


Chu Phuong Linh

Started Aikido in 2014

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