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Aikido Terms

Ai/ Gyaku Hanmi  --- Same/ Different side stance

Ayumi Ashi --- Basic Step ( Sliding step )

Bokuto waza --- Techniques performed with Bokken (wooden sword)

Hanmi handachi --- Uke standing and Nage sitting

Hara --- A persons center of mass; lower abdomen; center of gravity of a person; area below the navel; the reservoir of ki; traditionally thought to be the location of the spirit.

Jiyu waza --- Interval attacks with Nage varying techniques (1 on 1)

Juji-nage --- Crossed arm throw

Jo dori --- Disarm Jo-wielded (wooden staff) attacker

Jo waza --- Techniques performed with Jo (wooden staff) 

Kata --- Pre-arranged exercise

Keiko --- Practice, training

Kohai --- Junior or subordinate student

Katate-dori --- One hand grab one wrist

Kata-dori --- One hand grab one shoulder

Kata-dori Men-uchi --- One hand grab one wrist, another hand knife-hand strike to the head 

Kokyu --- Breath; ki and the motions of the body unified by control of the breath

Kokyu-nage --- Breath throw

Koshi ---  Hips, Waist

Koshi-nage --- Hip throw

Morote-dori --- Two hands grab to one wrist

Mune-tsuki --- One hand straight punch to the chest/collar

Men-tsuki --- One hand straight punch to the face

Mune-dori --- One hand grab one chest/collar/lapel

Ran-dori --- Freestyle, rapid and multiple attackers

Okuri Ashi---Sending Step ( Big step )

Ryokata-dori --- Two hands grab two shoulders

Ryote-dori --- Two hands grab two wrists

Seiza --- Proper Japanese sitting posture (kneeling)

Shomen-uchi --- Knife-hand strike to the forehead

Suwari waza --- Techniques performed while both are sitting

Senpai --- Senior student

Shikko --- Technique of walking on the knees

Shodan --- First degree black belt

Soto --- Outside

Sumiotoshi --- Corner drop throw

Suwariwaza --- Sitting techniques

Tai-sabaki --- Body movement / displacement / shifting

Tai-no-henka ---  Basic blending practice, Tenkan exercise

Tachi-dori --- Disarm Bokken-wielded (wooden sword) attacker

Tachi waza --- Techniques performed standing up

Tanto-dori --- Disarm Tanto-wielded (knife/short blade) attacker

Tsuki --- Straight punch, thrust 

Tsugi Ashi --- Continuous Step ( Small step )

Tenchi-nage --- Heaven and Earth throw

Tanden --- Point just below the navel

Tenkan --- Pivot Turn

Tenshin --- Sweeping Body Turn

Tenkai / Kaiten --- Revolving Turn

Tanto --- Wooden knife

Tachi-waza --- Techniques done with both uke and nage standing

Undo --- Exercise

Ukemi --- the art of receiving the technique/falling 

Uke --- person who gives the attack and receives the technique

Ura -- Moving behind

Ushiro-waza --- Techniques applied from the rear

Ushiro Kubi-shime --- One hand grab one wrist, another hand choke from behind

Ushiro Ryo-kata-dori --- Two hands grab two shoulders from behind

Ushiro Ryote-dori --- Two hands grab two wrists from behind

Ushiro-dori --- Bear hug from behind

Ushiro Eri-dori --- One hand grab one collar from behind

Ushiro Ryo-kata-dori --- Two hands grab two shoulders from behind

Waza --- Technique

Yokomen-uchi --- Knife-hand strike to the side of head

Zazen --- Seated meditatiion

Zanshin --- Unbroken Awareness and Concentration

Yudansha --- Black belt dan grade holders

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